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I approached Adam like I always did but this time he noticed the slight urgency in my actions, his eyes were fixed on me within seconds and I could practically feel the worry washing off of him and onto me; it was a slightly nauseating feel but I managed to stomach down the dread of what he would say as I mentally prepared myself for what I was about to say.

"Adam," I started and Monte and Longinue, even Lisa, stopped doing what they had been doing and looked to me with expectant, worried, looks. I gulped, continuing on, "Adam.. I-I need to tell you this, uh, somewhere private."

I watched as he turned and gave the three other band members a meaningful look and without either of us saying anything Longineu, Lisa and Monte all stood and existed the room. Adam turned back to me, taking my hands (for I was shaking) and blinking slowly before pulling me close against him. I clung to his chest as he bowed his head and kissed me on the cheek, encouraging me to speak. I took a breath then started.

"I-I went to the doctor, well, clinic about three weeks ago," I confessed and Adam raised an eyebrow but I didn't continue.

He kissed me on the cheek again before wrapping an arm around me, pressing against the small of my back softly as he said, "And what happened at the clinic, baby?"

"They took a few blood samples," I murmured quietly, my voice threatening to betray me, "they also took a tissue sample, well skin sample, and told me they'd analyze everything and call me."

I looked up and saw Adam was now genuinely worried, his face was set almost morbidly as I took a breath.

"They called my parents early this morning." I said and my voice cracked as I felt tears starting to well up in my eyes, I also felt Adam hold me tighter against his chest. With shaking hands I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my face into his shoulder, starting to sniffle.

"What's wrong glitterbaby? What did they tell your parents?" I could hear the worry in his voice but I knew his worry would turn into a deep dark fear once he heard what I had to say.

"Adam," I whispered, tears now running down my cheeks, "Adam, I have fucking cancer."
First person from Tommy's point of view. Never seen this kind of theme used for Adommy or anything actually before *fandom wise* so I decided I give it a go.

ps: I have no clue how long it takes to diagnose cancer etc or how they do it so I just gave it a guess and wrote it down. Forgive me if it's totally wrong but it is a story so we can just call it... story-magic (instead of movie-magic) if it's totally wrong which I'm almost certain it is.
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