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Finished Adommy Reboot :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 48 45
Mature content
Piece of Unfinished Adommy :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 7 15
Little Mouse :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 3 3 Relax :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 1 5 Yawn :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 1 0 Reaching Out :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 2 0
Wanted: Dead or Alive -Adommy
He was quick with his feet, stepping lightly as he raced down the street, the black leather of his outfit concealing his identity from any curious prying eyes. He rounded a corner, passing a heroin junkie shooting up in an alley way and a crippled stray kitten that he promised himself he'd return to pick up upon his backtrack. Continuing on down his chosen route he glimpsed, at the end of the street, a crowd of cheering people and a white limo pulling up. He smirked from behind his mask, lifting a hand to double check none of his platinum blonde hair was sticking out thus possibly revealing his identity, he couldn't have any slip up. There was a lot of money at stake and he wasn't about to ruin his chances at the one hundred grand offered to any bounty hunter who managed to bring in the goods; dead or alive.
He was almost at the corner of the street when the limo door started to open, he only had seconds now. A tall, attractive figure stepped out into the view of the crowd, and he scow
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 5 15
A simple question-Adommy
The music swirls around me,
I smile, dance, watch you,
watching me,
your blue eyes, so inviting,
what is it about me,
that has captured you?
you're famous, I was once in a band,
you're dead sexy, I'm just average,
you can sing, I can play bass...
the music stops and you stand,
our eyes lock and a war starts to rage,
or maybe, it's an invitation,
somehow you're suddenly close,
in front of me, lips upturned,
smiling smugly, I stare at you,
biting my bottom lip as I silently ask;
through the haze of your obvious arousal...
would you like to dance?
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 1 2
Arceus meets Mew :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 2 1
Mature content
Quills MarquisAbbe :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 3 4
Adommy Moment
Ah shit yeah! Tommy thought anxiously, his fingers plucking the strings on his favourite electric blue bass, Adam's voice raising high above the cheering crowd. Playing actual concerts was Tommy's favourite thing about being in the band, he enjoyed the sheer energy and the loud music and above all else the chemistry Adam seemed to have with the crowd, and of course himself.
He strummed almost madly, bobbing his head and bouncing on spot as Adam sang a particularly high note, the drums cutting in and taking over second later. It was moments like these when Adam freely roamed the stage, pausing to rock out with Monte and nod at Longineu before coming over to Tommy.
Tommy grinned, turning slightly on his heel and leaning backward, trusting Adam to support him as he let himself go. He felt Adam free hand slid around his waist, keeping him steady as he continued to pluck the strings of his bass, arching and throwing his head back into Adam's chest, feeling Adam's lips brush against h
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 73 23
dear deforest
dear deforest,
i know you didn't see me a lot, i'm sorry about that
i know you were my favourite baby, my dear little cat
i wish i had seen you, before this fateful day
i wish i had held you, known everything was okay
but then i got that call, and my day turned to black
and sadly i knew my tears, would never bring you back
why did this happen to you, like deidara before
when this happened to you, i vowed to have no more
you are my last, cat you see
but thankfully that's not all you will be
i'll remember your meows, whiney and high
thats why in my heart, you will never die
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 1 5
bullshit writing
Tommy's hands are cold and Adam fears the worst as he stares at the lovely little bassist, the one person who owns the key to his heart and then some. He wonders what will happen now, his thoughts constantly being interrupted by monitors beeping and the faint sound of the hospital TV playing on low volume. A nurse arrives, taking Tommy's free wrist in her hands as she checks his pulse, Adam waits hopefully for her verdict.
"It won't be long now." She says sadly and Adam feels tears start to form in his eyes as he grasps Tommy's hand all the more tighter, he is unwilling to let go of the blonde. As he sits there, hunched over, his head bowed, salty tears falling onto the sheets of Tommy's bed he feels the slim fingers he is holding twitch, their grip becoming somewhat tight before the muscles go lax, its then that Adam hears the long drawn out beep that emits from one of the monitors, he sniffles, holding himself back as he tries to come to the terms with his feelings, he stays there fo
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 4 7
just for fun
his fingers pluck the strings, his bass hums
in the background is a constant beat, longineu on the drums
a certain melody is formed, the guitar picks up the pace
and from within all the smoke and fog, tommy sees adams face
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 1 5
DHYF Tommy Joe quick sketch :iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 1 19
Don'tHideYourFeathers - Adommy
Run! Escape… Kill!
My thoughts are constantly fixed on those three words, simple little words that express so much of my inner feelings and hate towards humanity. Every human, every person that walks into the room in which I am caged looks at me the same way, glares at me, asking me silently with their penetrating eyes and minds why I am what I am. I didn't choose to be this, I didn't want to be shackled and chained to the floor because my eyes are different, a mix of tree brown and fire ember or the fact that I had weird scars all over my body or the little yellow feathers laying flat within my blonde hair and near the base of my neck.
There is one human who doesn't stare at me with pure malice in his face or beautiful blue eyes. In fact I can tell he finds me somewhat fascinating, when he first visited he was shocked to see such a hybrid creature such as myself, mixed blooded vampire, shape shifter and human. But after the initial surprise subsided he saw me for what I am
:iconaxxel-roxxas:axxel-roxxas 15 27


NICK IS THE GAY UMBRELLA MAN :iconlouisdelacroix:LouisDelacroix 138 33 L4D2 - Genderbend :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 853 72 L4D2 - Recharging :iconkellyjane:KellyJane 959 112 Warm winter :iconnicca11y:Nicca11y 1,642 170 Final Fantasy Seven :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 4,798 280 beggar :iconskirill:Skirill 834 127 Little kiss. :iconladyxzero:LadyxZero 2,658 289 What is lost :iconveveco:veveco 168 36 found :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 7,008 549 Nathan Drake's Yogurt Night :icondoubleleaf:doubleleaf 5,529 507 Play with the frog IV :iconeltasia:Eltasia 1,262 74 Play with the frog VI :iconeltasia:Eltasia 316 13 Meditation :icontamarviewstudio:TamarViewStudio 169 44 prey :iconmakkon:Makkon 89 4 2003102706:10 :icontokisadanava:TokisadaNava 212 31



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